Teksun ASTRA Agni

Teksun has extensive knowledge in developing innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.Teksun ASTRA Agni has an Intel Celeron 1.99 GHz processor that runs on Linux, Debian, and Windows, making it reliable for smooth operations. ASTRA AGNI device has a Capacitive 10-inch touch IPS Anti-Glare with 178 Degree Viewing angle display. Teksun ASTRA Agni has Antenna Port, 2 No USB 2.0 ports, 2 No Ethernet ports. It also supports HDMI Output with 720P output resolution and VGA Port. Our specified solutions come with KeyBoard and Mouse and Heat Dissipation Back Cover. Additionally, the Teksun ASTRA Agni device’s Operating Temperature is -10 C to 60 C, and its storage Temperature is -30 C to 70 C.

Teksun Tejas IoT Edge Gateway

Teksun Tejas IoT Edge Gateway is seamless and powerful connectivity for your IoT products. It is developed using a High-end SOM which again powerful hardware specifications and state of art firmware with Android 9.0. Teksun Tejas IoT Edge Gateway includes wireless technology provisions along with many peripherals such as a microphone, camera, and speaker. Our gateway is Robust & Reliable, which supports all the features.

Teksun Tejas Camera

Teksun Tejas Camera is a cutting edge AI-enabled Solution for many use cases. It is a camera solution with powerful hardware specifications and state-of-art firmware capabilities with Android 9.0. Being focused on Camera-based IoT Applications, this solution carries wireless technology (LTE, WiFi, BLE) provisions along with many peripherals such as camera recording, recognition, anti-theft system, and Artificial Intelligence.

Teksun Astra Solution

Teksun’s Astra Solution allows you with a variety of uses be it converting the manufacturing machine data into purposeful insights, or furnishing businesses with data aggregation, data manipulation, and bandwidth reduction. Moreover, it also enriches you with Edge Interface, Sensor interface, Smart HMI Integration, and every other capability that could be required by the manufacturing/production and related industries.

Teksun Suraksha Band

Teksun Suraksha Band is an ergonomic and lightweight contactless door opener tool. You can attach this band with your backpack or keychain thereby also protecting yourselves from the spread of any viruses. This is because it also prevents you from coming in contact with any surfaces like metal, table, or plastic. As for instance, it also acts as a boundary between you and the ATM pin pads, the elevator buttons, and so on.

Teksun Indoor Tracking Solutions

Teksun Indoor Tracking Solutions is a tracking solution, a small device that is designed to be attached to your valuables stuff. After attaching the device to your items, you can use the Teksun tracker app to locate your misplaced things. When your stuff goes missing, the Teksun app records that items last location on a map within 100 feet of that device. It is an adhesive backing that lets it to be attached to worthy things.

Teksun Meet Solution

Teksun Meet is a robust video conferencing solution for desktop and mobile devices. This solution is suitable for training sessions, sync-up calls, webinars, online programs, and product demos. It supports smart, seamless, and effective video conferencing and messaging. Teksun Meet is the most secure platform and meetings can be recorded on the cloud or locally. We offer solutions that are as instinctive and simple to use as possible.

Teksun Bone Conduction Technology

Teksun Bone Conduction Headphones are built-in with ergonomic and lightweight design providing all-day comfort. These Open Ears Wireless Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones are user-friendly and keep your hearing unaffected and deliver the HDStereo sound quality. It allows you to know what happens in your surroundings. Moreover, these headphones are built for both normal hearing and hearing difficulties as it protects eardrums.

Teksun SmartLife IoT Solutions Kits

Teksun SmartLife IoT Solutions Kits lets you control your smart home through the smart mobile app and are compatible with Curtain, lighting, smart door lock and bell, Smart switchboards, ACs, and Fans. These kits can connect to Smart Homes, Smart School, Smart Library and Smart Lab, and Smart Townships. Undertake the journey to the domain of smart and intelligent devices with Teksun SmartLife IoT Solutions Kits.

Tejas Smart TV

Teksun Smart TV Solution brings to you the bouquet of Camera, Technology, Touch Screen, Storage, Speaker and Mic, and many more attributes combined into a single box. It extends its smartness to a variety of cases such as Elearning Table, Smart Conference, Home Office, Tele-Medicine, and so on. Adopt our solution and impart economic value and performance to your business, thereby also enhancing customer satisfaction.

Teksun Brain Computer Gateway

Teksun Brain-Computer Gateways equipped to receive RAW EEG data of Brain via Bluetooth from Brain EEGAcquisition Headsets. BCG device possesses the provision for WiFi/Zigbee/ZwaveSNAP modules to control embedded Devices via Brain waves. Our solution is not only a generic one but also an affordable one and stands perfect to solve the issues of Handicapped and Paralyzed people by letting them interact with assistant machines.

Tejas SOM Board

Enhance your business with seamless performance with Teksun’s developed Tejas SOM Board. Our identified solution stands to be a High-End SOM Board, that is not only endowed with powerful hardware specifications, but also displays the state of art firmware capabilities with Android 9.0. It provides for wireless technology provisions, besides numerous peripherals such as camera recording, anti-theft system, AI, and much more.

Teksun Ecosystem of Metaverse Physical Therapy

Teksun Ecosystem of Metaverse Physical Therapy is a complete ecosystem with the augmented Reality of Metaverse and Artificial intelligence, wherein a patient can see the instructions in the virtual environment in Metaverse and follow them in real time. Here the Tejas camera or any android base camera device communicates to Oculus Quest 2 (Meta), so the user can see the instructions, conference with a doctor, and see their movements alongside the body’s vital information. With the help of the Tejas Camera/Tejas Care gadget, 8 Meta Cameras, and Oculus Controllers, patient video and movements are recorded. Through the Teksun Telep AI Engine, AI processing provides movement analytics and essential bodily data. Doctors will receive a report with the skeletal movement recording after collecting all the session-related data, such as an incorrect movement, the patient’s pain level during exercise, and vitals, in the back-end.

Tejas Rugged HMI

Tejas Rugged HMI is a cutting-edge IoT-enabled Smart solution that offers a high-end display interface and seamless connectivity to drive a Premium User Experience. It is a built-in 3.7V 8000 mAh high-capacity lithium battery with a detachable design, easy-to-replace, and long-lasting battery. Tejas Rugged HMI is built-in with a High-strength gorilla glass touchscreen, a Strong and water-resistant 10.1-inch large screen with 1920*1200 resolution @ 60 fps, and a smoother touch. It has a 10 points capacitive screen, G+G, and anti-scratch Glass. Being fully sealed and IP67 dust proof, Tejas Rugged HMI can ensure normal work under a dust environment.Apart from this, it has 12 Pogo Pin Ports for multi-function, including a charging dock station.

Teksun ASTRA Shakti

Teksun has designed and developed the ASTRA Shakti device to support Industry 4.0 applications. It has an Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz processor that runs on Linux, Debian, and Windows, making it reliable for smooth operations. ASTRA Shakti device has an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen with 80° Degree Viewing angle display. Teksun ASTRA Shakti has HD Graphics with 1080p resolution, Audio Realtek ALC662, High Definition Audio (HD), Line in, Line out. It can run with Windows 7/8/10 or Linux Operating System. Additionally, the Teksun ASTRA Shakti device’s Operating Temperature is -25 to 75°C, storage range:-30 to 80°C

Tejas Word spotting

Teksun Tejas Words potting is an NLP-based solution that enables users to interact with voice interfaces to enhance hands-free and safe interaction in different environments. This AI Model can recognize keywords in varied accents spoken in the English language, which can be further tuned to work in other native languages. Telep Word spotting NLP Solution is trained on a dataset collected in noisy environments to work in any critical environment.

Telep Violence Detection

Teksun Telep Violence Detection detects different physical fights when two or more people fight with or without objects such as guns, sticks, stones, etc. Its primary function is to ensure safety, so if any violent activity is detected, an alert is sent to the admin to take necessary actions. This violence detection module can be integrated into public areas such as airports, schools, offices, banks, parking lots, prisons, shopping malls, and other indoor and outdoor public access areas.It is developed with computer vision, image processing, and cutting-edge technologies to automate visual information processing in terms of security monitoring and detecting violent scenes.

Tejas Dash Camera

Teksun Tejas Dash Camera is powered with a Qualcomm 625 (octa-core) ARM Cortex-A53 64-bit CPU, and Adreno 506 64-bit GPU running at a speed of 2.0 GHz. It can work with any Android devices like Tejas Care. Teksun Tejas Dash Camera is compact in design and built-in with powerful features like Driver Heart Rate, Spo2, Monitoring, Drowsiness, and Stress Monitoring. The configuration of 625 Processor makes it more powerful for processing EDGE IoT Applications and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Teksun ASTRA-MX8

Teksun has designed and developed the ASTRA-MX8 device to support Industry 4.0 applications. ASTRA has an NXP iMX8 quad-core processor running on Linux Debian, making it reliable for smooth operations. Teksun ASTRA-MX8 device has a 10-Point Capacitive 7-inch touch LED Backlight display having Glass Technology. Teksun ASTRA-MX8 has 2 No of RS232 ports, 2 No CAN Channel, HDMI Output with 720P output resolution, and 2 No USB 2.0 ports. It has 2 No Ethernet ports, out of which one port is POE supported, along with a 3.5 MM headphone Jack and Power input via DC Power 9-36V. Additionally, the Teksun ASTRA-MX8 device’s Operating Temperature is -10 C to 60 C, and its storage Temperature is -30 C to 70 C.

Tejas IPTV Box

Teksun Tejas IPTV Box users may use the set-top box to stream OTT content and traditional TV channels to their home TV. A voice-activated control is included with the IPTV. It can support a smart Assistant. It includes an Amlogic chipset and has an Android 11 Operating System with resolution through AV1 & H.265 HEVC up to 4k @60fps. Additionally, Teksun Tejas IPTV Solution is built for various B2B applications having on-board edge artificial intelligence support.