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Embedded Engineering
Teksun’s extensive expertise in embedded engineering comprises hardware and user interfaces coupled with robust software, seamless connectivity, and next-generation technologies. We offer a complete range of embedded hardware services and turnkey product development comprising FPGA/DSP Based Hardware Design, Mixed RF Signal Design, PCB Prototyping, PCB Layout Design, High-Speed Memory Interfacing, and more to our customers across domains to deliver faster time to market. Our team of experts specializes in complete software embedded services as well such as Linux OS Customization, Embedded Software & BSP, Hardware Board Design, Embedded SDK Development, and Firmware Over-The-Air, which we have successfully delivered to a few of the industry giants.
Embedded Business Unit

Our Offering

Our Offerings (Embedded Hardware & Software)
Driver Development Services

• Communication Drivers- HAL, I2C, SPI, PCIe
• Sensor Driver
• Linux Drivers
• Android Drivers
• Android Hooks in Framework to HAL
• Block Driver
• Network Drivers – 2.4G / 5G WiFi / Eth


• Microcontroller firmware
• Microprocessor firmware / kernel / bootloader
• Device driver development
• Digital Signal Processor Firmware / Kernel/ Bootloader

Embedded SDK Development

• Software Development Kit
• Embedded Software API’s Building
• Package Building as SDK

Kernel Development

• Linux Kernel Customization
• Driver Customization
• Device Tree
• Boot Time Optimization

Android OS Customization

• Android firmware customization
• Application Layer
• Kernel Development
• HAL, AOSP Development

Linux OS Customization

• Kernel Customization
• File system Customization
• OS Optimization for Power

Hardware Board Design

• Hardware Architecture
• PCB Prototyping
• Schematic Design
• PCB Layout Design
• Simulation and Analysis
• Test and Validation

Embedded Architecture Design

• Hardware Architecture Design
• Firmware Architecture Design
• Application Software Architecture Design
• Connectivity Architecture Design
• Cloud Architecture Design

High Speed Board Design

• FPGA/DSP Based Hardware Design
• Analog Signal Circuit Design
• Mixed RF Signal Design
• High-speed memory interfacing
• Expert Consultation & Review

Embedded Software & BSP

• Board Support Packages-Kernel, Bootloader
• Firmware design and developments
• Certification Compliance
• Performance Tuning

Firmware Over-The-Air

• Firmware Upgrade
• Design of FOTA components
• Testing of FOTA

Bluetooth Low Energy

• Nordic Chipset
• Dialog
• TI – Firmware Hardware
• Multi-point Control Unit
• BLE Stack

Demonstrated Market Success
Teksun has demonstrated great market success in the embedded world.
A peek of our success that’s buzzing around all over the market in the embedded industry.
Our Solutions- Use Cases

  • AI-enabled camera

  • IIOT HMI Device for industries

  • Edge IoT Computing

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Commercial Surveillance

  • Monitoring Safety Measures

  • Industrial Tablet

  • Smart Android TV

  • Computer Vision and Image Processing

  • Automotive Security

  • Improved Surveillance

  • Smart Attendance

  • IoT Edge Gateway

  • E-learning Kiosk

  • Remote Camera Streaming & Recording

  • Smart Home Monitoring

  • Covert Operations

Global Industries Served

Teksun supports businesses around the world with highly innovative IoT & AI solutions


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    Please share your product idea or need and Teksun will reply to you immediately