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Electrical Design Engineer - Lead

Expertise / Skills :

  • Experience of different 8, 16 and 32 bit microcontrollers and microprocessor.
  • Experience of High speed design and Analog design
  • Experience to PCB Designing, protocols like RS232, 485, 12C, SPI.
  • Experience of Power supply- SMPS design, DC/DC converter, LDOs
  • Experience of Analog, Digital and embedded system
  • Experience of Hardware Testing and debugging
  • Good experience of Hardware interfacing (RF,GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SD Card, Memory stick) Essential
  • Good working knowledge of various communication protocols including RS232, RS485, SPI, USB, CAN, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, BLE, etc.
  • Good experience to prepare product documents like Project Manual, etc…
  • Good experience of preparing Technical documents.
  • Experience and Ability in developing different products in the Power electronics, Digital control system, ECU, handheld measuring equipment, Touch screen displays, Experience in wireless products and protocols.
  • Knowledge & experience in EMI/EMC compliance, Automotive or medical compliance, certification and testing.
  • Hands on Experience in Electronics Testing and measurement Tools
  • Basic skills in embedded software architecture and embedded C programming
  • Experience in PCB design a plus – previous experience in designing embedded systems with microcontrollers, power regulators, filters
  • Knowledge of real-time operating systems, digital signal processing and digital control
  • Developing schematics, supporting PCB designers on PCB layout design.
  • Board bring up, Functional testing, debugging and root causing of issues.

Job Description:

  • Excellent technical abilities, leadership, decision making, strong communication skills, and adaptability to new technology
  • Project management and manage technical milestone delivery.
  • Translate client requirements to team and make sure they have understood it correctly 
  • Supporting in product architecture (Framework, Database, Communications, API’s etc.) 
  • Maintain high performance, optimized project files and make sure team is also following the same 
  • Learn and explain new technologies and solutions to teammates 
  • Review teams activity on daily basis, Ensuring daily standup meetings with team
  • Code Reviews and provide inputs if need. Define test plan. 
  • Maintain application testing in Excel Sheet/Bug Tracking Portal with Test Cases and ensure team is also doing same 
  • Identify and supporting team to correct bugs and make sure to get it fixed in stipulated time 
  • Attending meetings with team daily basis (Max. 5-10 Mints) 
  • Conduct technical session for team if needed 
  • Support the team if they stuck with any technical / other challenges 
  • Documentation – ISO, Process, Release Note, Success Stories, Closure Document, Change Request Documents 
  • Make sure all your data / team data being backup weekly by IT Admin
  • Maintain timely delivery of projects and customer satisfaction
  • Make sure SVN is committed every day by team with proper SVN logs filled
  • Email/Skype/Zoom/WebEx meeting communication with client 
  • Ensure All ISO documents to be filled properly 
  • Manage delivery operations
  • Ensure fair tasks assignments where people are assigned with the task as per their skills and personal preferences.
  • Constantly motivate and encourage team to give their best, especially during the time when they are pressurized with high targets. 
  • Ensure team following proper coding & commenting practices 
  • Ensure that the quality objectives parameters to be matched


  • Must have worked on Analogue & Digital Board design
  • Hands – on Experience on Microcontrollers, Microprocessors & Protocols
  • Expertise on PCB design
  • Hands on experience on Wireless designs

Job Type:

  • Full Time
  • Work From Office


  • Ahmedabad, India

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