Working for the Noble Cause

Giving society with social contribution activities

At Teksun Inc, the idea of investing has a special meaning for us. So, we have partnered with an NGO to serve underprivileged children, public healthcare, and environmental protection. We initiated practice by organizing a blood donation campaign on our premises. All employees were encouraged to donate blood and many of them volunteered to support the campaign, aiming to give life and hope to people in need. A Big Thank you to all who worked perfectly to carry out this campaign successfully.

Committed to Work for Noble Cause

For us, CSR is also all about creating shared prosperity for our employees. To promote employees' health and inspire fitness among them, We organized health and eye check-up camps. The camp was organized in association with HSBC Bank and Chashmish – Eyewear Studio which helped in conducting Eye Checkup and BMI Checkup for Tektmates. This campaign was aimed at providing our employees with the status of their eyesight and health, encouraging them to look after their fitness and health.

Key Aspects

Ensuring the progress & safety of employees, with value for their diversity.
We have a deep and measured knowledge of our impact on the environment.
Striving to have a positive impact on the societies in which we live and work.
“Teksun Inc Works Towards a Continuous Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap”


At Teksun Inc, we are devoted to integrating responsible business methods into all our activities, not just with words, but also with action. We strive to positively impact the workplace, the marketplace, the environment, and society.