AI-based Human Activity Tracking

Identify and precisely monitor real-time actions and behaviors of individuals with Teksun's AI-driven Human Activity Tracking Solution.

Teksun’s AI-based Human Activity Tracking solution employs a range of technologies, including object detection, tracking, and attribute analysis. It enables accurate detection of diverse activities and human interactions. This solution is adaptable to various use cases and scenarios, including Fitness Activity Tracking, Warehouse Safety Tracking, Retail Behavior Tracking, and Workplace Safety Tracking. Additionally, it can monitor employee actions; businesses can identify areas that require improvement, make informed decisions based on the analysis, and ultimately maximize their return on investment.
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Our specified solution Human Activity Tracking involves a fusion of cutting-edge AI and deep learning technologies, resulting in precise and dependable outcomes. This powerful amalgamation forms the foundation for advanced sensing capabilities. Here are the notable features:


Identify activity patterns
Our vision-based solution accurately detect and analyze various patterns of human activities such as walking, talking, standing, and sitting.


Precisely Monitors Health
Accurately tracks and analyzes human activities in real-time to detect workouts and their intensity, offering valuable insights into health.


Guarantee safety adherence
Businesses can actively identify potential risks, detect non-compliant behavior, and take necessary actions to keep a protected environment.


Promote Safe Behavior
It helps companies to proactively encourage and reinforce a safety culture, ensuring individuals’ well-being and minimizing potential risks.


Identify safety incidents
Individuals can actively detect security concerns, react quickly, and encourage a secure atmosphere for people with our developed solution.

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Understanding the impact of solutions can enhance ideas. Teksun's Human Activity Tracking solution offers numerous benefits that foster innovation. The video presented above demonstrates the functionality of Teksun's Human Activity Tracking solution, which can alleviate concerns and inspire new thoughts.

Use Case

With the flexibility to adapt to various use cases and scenarios, our solutions empower clients to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of AI. Presented below are some important use cases we have highlighted:


Healthcare Monitoring


Retail Analytics


Workplace Safety


Sports Performance


Elderly Care


Transportation Safety


Security and Surveillance


Occupational Safety


Safety Compliance


Personal Fitness Tracking

It’s your moment to get on the top of the chart by clasping a Human Activity Tracking solution that would help you with the correct details and furnish you with a smooth experience by supporting a safer and comfortable drive.

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Our solution employs an advanced architecture integrating real-time sensor data and AI algorithms. This enables accurate detection and prediction of human activities, enhancing safety, performance, and insights for clients.

This robust architecture enables our clients to enhance safety, improve performance, and unlock valuable insights in various domains. Our solution accurately detects and predicts human activities such as driver drowsiness, daydreaming, and sleepiness.

Teksun’s IoT Fermenter Solution assists microcarriers and other cultures needing specific processing capabilities. Just engage yourselves with us, and get our techies to witness the difference.

Industries We Serves

The discussed Human Activity Tracking solution has been widely embraced by numerous industries, while others are actively pursuing its implementation. Teksun's solutions are designed to cater to the requirements of every industry, including the Human Activity Tracking solution and beyond.

Health Care

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