Telep Gun Detection Solution

Introducing Telep Gun Detection Solution, a Telep Safety Solution security system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify guns in real-time through video surveillance.

Telep offers a cutting-edge Gun Detection Solution to enhance safety and security in various environments. This innovative solution leverages advanced AI technology and high-performance object detection algorithms for real-time monitoring and threat detection. The solution uses advanced AI algorithms trained to detect the gun in real-time within the video stream.
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Wondering why Teksun's Gun Detection solution is the go-to choice? Buckle up as we explore the innovative features that give users the edge and keep their operations running smoothly.


Monitoring Zone Boundary
The solution clearly displays the boundaries of the monitoring zone on the screen, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the designated area.


Camera with 120-degree Field of View
Equipped with a wide-angle camera, the system captures a broad surveillance area, providing a complete view of the surroundings.


Live Feed
The live video feed allows continuous real-time monitoring, ensuring immediate visibility of any activity within the designated zone.


Deep Neural Networks
Utilizing deep neural networks, the solution accurately identifies and flags the presence of a gun, ensuring rapid and reliable threat detection.

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Use Case

Telep Gun Detection solution can support various use cases and Applications. Check out how our Solution will work and how businesses will benefit from it.


Surveillance Systems


Access Control


Public Spaces


Transportation Hubs


Smart Cities

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Industries We Serves

Technology and automation, in our opinion at Teksun, deserve equal consideration in any industry. As a result, almost every industry and field use Teksun's solutions. Industry pioneers have used our wide range of technologies to help them develop compelling experiences. Find out more about the sectors we serve:

Health Care

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