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Israel’s hi-tech industry is full of incredible products with the potential to make the world a better place. My goal is to find the best ones with proof of potential profit, promote them into new markets and create business opportunities with investors and mutually beneficial companies.
About Gavriel

Gavriel is a specialist in business opportunities & investments with an insider’s view and a deep connection to israel’s startup ecosystem

He has helped connect startups with investors, made collaborations with influencers and performed hundreds of workshops and lectures about entrepreneurship, motivation and teamwork in conferences around the world.

He and his team evaluates the data, take care of obstacles and execute any task. Our goal is to find what’s best for a startup, create a model, find problems, and take care of any issue to get the job done and save a lot of time and money.

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B-Solution expert

Over 20+ years of High-Tech executive roles: serial Entrepreneur, Executive Strategist and VP Product Mgt – working for global industry leaders (Microsoft, Cisco and Amdocs) as well fast-scale Start-Ups.

Michael’s business experience spans a wealth of domains: Cyber-Security, e-Commerce, Telecom/Networking, Online/Gaming, Digital-Health, Payments/Fintech, Industry 4.0, IoT & Medical Devices. Michael’s Technology-driven acumen has grown expertise in Cloud Technologies, Networking & IT, AI / Machine-Learning, Network & Endpoint Cyber Protection, Video Streaming, and many more Deep-Tech domains.

Michael uses this unique blend of Business, Strategy and Technology to help Start-Ups and entrepreneurs in shaping their vision, defining an incremental Roadmap – MVP to mature product -, to grow market, to achieve scalability and reach long-term sustainability.

When facing investors, Michael’s experience and connections, allows for rapid Start-Up evaluation, including: the founding team, the Start-Up’s Technology and IP, the product-market fit, competitive landscape, and ecosystem partnerships.

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The 4 Foundations of B-Solution

Entrepreneur 4-foundations Acceleration Plan: Together with a team of experts we’ve built a unique 4- foundations method, where every layer makes up to 25% of the project’s success. We believe that the stronger the foundation is, the likelihood of a startup success grows.


in this step we perform a full background check of the
entrepreneur, we look into the CEO to see his ability to
work under pressure, his personal vision and analyze the
way in which he performed business etiquettes.


The Product
We look into the way the startup defined the product.
Using our team of experts, we analyze and improve the
product as much as possible utilizing the latest methods
available in the industry.


We check to see how the entrepreneur created his
market research and perform a full analysis using a
wide range of tactics to improve and make a winning
market entry strategy.


We research the entrepreneur’s business plan to find proof of potential profit. If the potential is there, we instruct him on how to perfect it and begin characterizing the ideal investors (whether it’s an angel investor or a company that can benefit from the startup).


Call for a free consultation TODAY! See how we can use our Lean Approach to develop faster, affordable, better!!!

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Call for a free consultation TODAY! See how we can use our Lean Approach to develop faster, affordable, better!!!

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