Product Idea :

    In one sentence, what is your product? Then, describe your overall product idea as vividly as possible. How does the product function, what does the product look, feel and sound like? Who will use your product (audience, users, customers)? What is the experience someone will have when using the product? What market are you looking to target your product for distribution?

    Problem Statement :

    Please provide problem statement in founder’s / product owners words

    Product Requirements :

    List all technical features, user interfaces, sensors, and other technologies within the product. Are you looking to build only hardware? Or hardware + Cloud database + web/mobile?

    Product Current-state :

    Where is your product development currently at? Are you just beginning? Do you have !!!! a working prototype? What are your websites and Social Media addresses?

    Comparable Products :

    List any similar products which are in the market, which share similar features and benefits

    Targeted Country :

    List countries where products are being sold.

    Product Value Proposition

    Competitive Advantage :

    List your USP’s of product compare to competitor

    Patent / IP Details :

    Do you have any Patents / IPs for your product? List any IP’s you wanted to generate as part of product development.

    Customer Value Proposition Model :

    What is your Customer Value Proposition Model ?

    Product Pricing Expectations

    Expected BOM :

    Expected Bill Of Material of final product (PCB, PCBA, Mechanical, Battery etc.)

    Final B2B / B2C Price :

    Please provide expected final B2B Pricing and B2C Pricing

    Product Development Expectations

    Development Timeline :

    What is your targeted timeline to reach the market?

    Product Certifications :

    What are your Product Certification Plans?

    Product Assembly & Manufacturing

    Product Manufacturing & Assembly :

    Describe your Product Manufacturing Plans

    Manufacturing Quantities :

    Can you provide a schedule of manufacturing requirements for the next 1 years ?

    Manufacturing Location :

    Is your target manufacturing location decision cost-based, or location-based?

    Manufacturing Facility Certification :

    Any specific certification / compliances requirements from the manufacturing facility ?


    Estimated Annual Units

    Your Company Details

    Contact Details :

    Company Details :


    How are you funding your product development? Is your product development currently funded? Are you seeking funding assistance?