Security and Surveillance

Teksun is adept at building products in AI/ML-driven video analytics, video surveillance, identity management, public safety, etc., coupled with a stack of offerings like wireless technologies, smart sensors, and more.

With an extensive array of product engineering services, we help you build revolutionary security & surveillance solutions competent in imparting uncompromised safety when delivering the back-end solution for smart AI-based cameras. With competence in embedded system development, IoT, etc., we bestow you engineered excellence with care.


We also develop and deploy a variety of additional services, such as asset tracking and scanning systems, RFID/NFC-based biometric systems, and fingerprint-based biometric systems, to name just a few.

Furthermore, we have a strong presence in the IT sector, offering essential services like multi-tenant VMS, enterprise cloud management, customer monitoring, distribution management, inventory management, enterprise web SaaS development, and enterprise mobile app development, among a host of others.

Empowering businesses with cutting-edge IT solutions for a digital tomorrow

Enabling businesses to thrive in the digital landscape with a broad suite of cutting-edge IT solutions crafted for sustainable growth and competitive advantage in tomorrow’s market

Encased in a comprehensive collection of industry experience and a far-flung footprint of successfully delivering uniform services specially tailored for Security & Surveillance, we develop products and solutions with efficient IT architecture.

Transforming Visions into Embedded Verticals

Guiding your conceptual visions through expert engineering to create robust and customized embedded verticals that drive technological progress and innovation


Industry Served


Industry 4.0


Consumer Electronics




Consumer Electronics


Security & Surveillance






Home Automation


Smart City




Teksun’s IoT solutions solving real-world commercial, business, and technical problems

RFID-Based Indoor Tracking

Keeping a track of everything is of utmost importance! RFID based Indoor tracking provided by us, just enables you with the ability to constantly keep track of any aspect that’s related to your business.

Video Doorbell

You never miss a thing with a video doorbell since it allows you to see who is at the door from wherever you are. It takes the place of your wired doorbell and provides HD video and clear, bright images—even at night.

Asset Tracking

Advanced Asset Tracking solutions designed to help you to effectively monitor and manage your valuable assets. Whether it’s equipment, vehicles, or high-value inventory, our innovative technology combines GPS tracking, real-time data analytics, and robust software platforms to provide you with accurate and actionable insights.

Face Recognition

Authenticate and identify people. Experience a Meeting with Unparalleled Accuracy Performance in Real-Time and Strong Security

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