IoT Fermenter Solution

Teksun’s IoT Fermenter Solution is a real-time, end-to-end fermentation pressure monitoring, control, and analysis solution for High-Density Cell culture and microbial fermentation. Our developed solution is a device decked with various sensors, including Sample’s Temperature sensor, pH sensor, Oxygen level (DO), Conductivity, Glucose sensor, Feeding pumps and valves, and Agitator sensors for data collection in the confined and controlled fermenters/reactors.

Teksun Tejas Infotainment

Enhance your Automotive business with a high-end display interface and seamless connectivity to drive a Premium User Experience with Teksun’s developed Tejas Infotainment. Our specified solutions are suitable for Next-Generation Industrial HMI. Teksun’s Tejas Infotainment is endowed with powerful hardware specifications and displays the state of art firmware capabilities with Android 9.0. It supports high-end Edge processing to run any Local Image Processing, Streaming, AI, Local Voice Assistance based use-case.

Water Quality Measurement Sensor

Water Quality Measurement Sensor solution facilitates you with water level identification in different events. Water sensors can come in different variations like ultrasonic sensors, pressure transducers, bubblers, and float sensors. It comes with an edge of Big Data, IoT, and WiFi while providing you a Status Dashboard that lets you monitor real-time. Besides, it could help in the measurement of pH, pressure, turbidity, etc.

Linux Kernel Driver (Network, Multimedia, USB, PCIe)

Teksun’s Linux Kernel Driver proves beneficial in events where there is the requirement to employ the same device driver on multiple CPU architectures (x86, ARM, etc.), although the hardware controllers stay distinct. Equipped with a precise arrangement of the code, with the device drivers differentiated from the controller drivers, and more, Teksun provides you with both the readymade solution and the Driver Development that could support various devices of the same sort.

Astra Linux SOM Solutions

Layered with Texas Instruments Sitara™️ ARM® Cortex®-A8 Processor with up to 16GB eMMC and up to 1GB DDR3L Memory, Teksun Astra Linux SOM satiates the next-generation requirements for Industry 4.0 applications, besides providing the industry best edge computing power. Capable of being directly used in the end product design, our System on Module Linux offers developers cost and time efficiency for product development.

Smart Parking System

Teksun’s Smart Parking System uses IoT-enabled software and low-cost sensors to fetch information about the available parking spaces. The solution directs you to the available parking places in the different geographic areas. It helps you with real-time data collection and mobile-phone-enabled automated payment systems to facilitate people with advanced parking reservations or guide users to where the parking spot is precisely available.

Smart Street Light

With Smart Light Control Software and Gateway, Luminaire Controller, and other vital aspects, it facilitates centralized monitoring and reporting for effective maintenance of street lights. It’s network-based control yields an additional 30% energy savings beyond LED replacement, along with greater operations and management savings. It comes with 2 approaches, Group Based Control – control a group of LED lights through Smart Feeder Panel and Individual Control – control the lights remotely.

USB Type C To Type A, HDMI, Type C HUB

As USB type C is getting used more and more by device manufacturing companies, we have developed converters for different ports and different technologies. USB Type C to HDMI converter can be used to connect type c devices with HDMI devices like HDMI Display/ TV/ HDMI video out. Make any device an intelligent device, with our USB Type C To Type A, HDMI, Type C HUB, and experience the discovery in the sphere of technology!

Polar Heart Rate Sensor App

Heart Rate Monitor is the ultimate free sports and fitness tracker app. It is an ideal tool for everyone, whether you are a cycling enthusiast, a sportsperson, or a fitness freak. One f our solution’s salient features is that it can store the history of heartbeat in the form of a CSV file, hence enabling you to access the file from the app itself. Our app lets you see your mobile heart rate when you connect the Polar H7 heart rate sensor to its Monitor.

Fit Bit Smart Watch Android App

Our recognized solution is an Embedded System with a built-in AI that provides real-time monitoring of a person’s biological parameters like Heart Rate, to recommend the correct way of exercising. It’s just like a virtual fitness coach. This helps users to carry their workout as per the safe and effective fitness instructions provided virtually. Moreover, it could also track Real-Time Data.

FPGA EVM Hardware Design

FPGA EVM hardware design is used to effectively design complex systems and provide a highly integrated development environment. Evaluation Modules (EVMs) are circuit boards containing a DSP, peripherals, expansion connectors, and a JTAG interface. We develop evaluation and system boards to assist customers to assess their solution functionality prior to manufacturing. We have a design, develop, and simulate every piece of Hardware required for chip and systems development. Our designers choose option layout strategies also at the pre-design stage.

NPK Detection IOT Sensor

An NPK Detection Feasibility Study has been performed in preparation for an NPK Detection sensor. NPK Detection Sensor will perform compact, mobile, and affordable soil nutrition testing. The sensor reads acute levels of soil Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK), and other micro-nutrition(s) from the soil throughout all stages of a plant’s growing cycle. The device ensures effective fertilizer management, increased application accuracy, and continuously stable NPK levels.

Nano Spectrum Analyzer

A Nano Molecular Spectrum Analyzer Feasibility Study has been performed in preparation for a hand-held, Nano Molecular Spectrum Analyzer. Nano Molecular Spectrum Analyzer will measure the molecular structure of any organic material, specifically Fruits & Vegetables, Medicine, and the Human Body. The feasibility study identifies the molecules and bacteria in the organic subject (Fruits & Vegetables in an agritech-specific application), obtaining a high density of positively charged nisin peptides, locally available for interactions with bacterial membranes.

DC Motor Controller For Tractor

DC Motor Controller is a tractor-mounted device that directly manages the stability of tractor speed, thus improving the accuracy of fieldwork results from a BLDC motor. The controller features a dual closed-loop PID control with combined outer speed and inner current loop, and motor drive control via Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). The controller is custom designed using the FPGA technique.

NDVI Camera Design For Crop Health Monitoring

NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) Camera Device is a drone-mounted product that provides an aerial analysis of a specific Crop’s Health metrics. The device captures NIR imaging and carries out NIR image processing against an NDVI Index database of a certain Crop. Through AI-enhanced processing within the system’s supporting software framework, the NDVI Index returns a crop’s health and identifies the need for specific pesticides and fertilizers.

Smart Humidity Sensor for Agriculture Industry

Smart Humidity Sensor for Agriculture Industry is an IoT based product that allows the grower to monitor a farm, greenhouse, and field-related atmospheric data via a paired Mobile and Web Application. The sensor provides ambient Humidity, Temperature sensing. Within a greenhouse application, the sensor automatically triggers controllers to regulate atmospheric conditions to optimal levels. Manual control also available via paired Mobile and Web Application.

Smart Soil Sensor for Farm & Garden

Automation has found its place in every business, in every industry. The CDI Units for Two-Wheelers is a solution of ours that aids to enable one with the ignition of the engine through capacitor discharge ignition. Our solution carries world-class technologies inclusive of Free Scale MCU, Power Management, UART, and AC/DC, thereby also providing you with seamless performance. Get knowing better by gliding through our varied sections.

Smart Hotel

The hotel industry is one of the most cherished. And Teksun’s Smart Hotel Solutions brings more of advancement to this fact by inculcating distinct attributes such as of Appliance monitoring & control, Smart hotel check-in & check out automation, amongst others. Moreover, our solution is equipped to be used in scenarios such as Hotel surveillance, Emergency alert for fire/theft, along with Indoor Navigation, etc.