Automated Quality Check System

Introducing Teksun's Automated Quality Check System, revolutionizing visual inspections for manual assemblies of industrial goods. Our cutting-edge solution redefines the quality assurance process.

Teksun’s Automated Quality Check System replaces manual inspections with automated processes, cutting errors and boosting precision using machine vision and AI. It provides real-time analysis and detailed reports, enabling swift defect detection. The system’s adaptability suits different industries and assembly needs, even accommodating electrical component assembly on DIN Rail for demonstrations. For more information, browse our demo video on Teksun’s Automated Quality Check System on youtube.
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Gone are the days of time-consuming and subjective visual inspections. Witness how this innovative solution can transform your ideas into reality and give you the edge to succeed.


Advanced Image Processing Algorithms
Our solution swiftly analyzes captured images using advanced algorithms, identifying defects and deviations from quality standards with precision and efficiency.


Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis
Teksun Automated Quality Check solution enables real-time monitoring and analysis, ensuring prompt quality issue resolution and minimal production delays.


User-Friendly Interface
Our developed solution is designed with an intuitive interface that simplifies setup, inspection monitoring, and report generation for operators and QA personnel.


Comprehensive Reporting
Our solution generates detailed reports with images, measurements, and defect classifications, aiding process improvement, compliance, and quality assurance.

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Explore the versatility of Teksun Automated Quality Check solutions. Discover real-world applications across industries and gain valuable insights to make the right choice for your organization.


Manufacturing Assembly Lines


Electronics Production


Medical Device Manufacturing


Automotive Manufacturing

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