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Discover the pinnacle of embedded security solutions at Teksun. Designed for today's digital landscape, our offerings fortify your systems against emerging threats while maintaining peak performance and usability.

Our capability at Teksun offers state-of-the-art embedded security solutions specifically designed to satisfy the changing demands of contemporary digital settings. Teksun’s embedded security solutions are developed to safeguard your systems from ever-increasing threats while maintaining usability and performance. We offer solutions tailored for embedded applications, where achieving an intricate balance between memory, power, and performance is essential. Our hardware-based security solutions range from basic authentication chips to advanced implementations, ensuring scalability to meet diverse needs.
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Outlined below are the features of our solution, aimed at empowering you to make informed and strategic decisions. By considering these points, you'll understand how our solution can add significant value to your business, both presently and in the foreseeable future.


Trusted Boot Mechanisms
Our solutions ensure secure boot processes, validating firmware and software integrity during startup, preventing unauthorized modifications and malicious code injection.


Secure Firmware Updates
We confidently deploy firmware updates securely, whether over-the-air or through physical interfaces, ensuring vulnerability prevention and seamless system maintenance.


Fortify Data Confidentiality
Teksun incorporates potent encryption algorithms into your embedded systems, securing sensitive data from unauthorized access whether in storage or during transmission.


True Random Generator
Encryption keys are generated using True Random Generators, ensuring security by producing truly random sequences and safeguarding sensitive data from cryptographic attacks.


Security Auditing and Compliance
We offer thorough security auditing & compliance reviews of your embedded systems’ security, identify vulnerabilities, and ensure alignment with industry standards & regulations.

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Use Case

Discover the versatility of the Teksun Embedded Security solution, tailored to accommodate diverse use cases and applications. Uncover the operational and commercial advantages our solution can bring to your business today.


Cold Wallet


Hardware Security module


Tracking Device


Tamper Detection

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At Teksun, we underscore the equal significance of technology and automation across various sectors. Our groundbreaking technology has enabled industry leaders to craft compelling experiences in numerous fields. Dive deeper today and unveil the diverse industries we serve.

Health Care

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