Teksun Agritech Solution

Stay informed about all events in your fields with Teksun Agritech solution, which provides a comprehensive overview and real-time updates on soil moisture, temperature, humidity, pH Level, and growth cycle alerts from a bird's-eye perspective.

Teksun Agritech Solution is an advanced and cutting-edge platform designed to offer farmers and agricultural enthusiasts timely and crucial information about their fields. Farmers can stay informed about the precise condition of their soil and crops, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and implement accurate agricultural practices. By receiving up-to-the-minute data on soil moisture, temperature, and humidity, they can efficiently manage irrigation and adjust their watering schedules accordingly, ensuring optimal conditions for crop growth. Moreover, Teksun Agritech’s pH level monitoring feature aids in maintaining the soil’s acidity or alkalinity at the ideal range, further enhancing the crop’s ability to absorb essential nutrients for healthy development.
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Teksun Agritech solution offers a range of benefits for the agriculture industry. Smart and sustainable farming at your fingertips. Explore the distinctive features of our solution tailored to enhance farming productivity.


Data Collection
Teksun Agritech solution supports weather stations, soil sensors, satellite imagery, and drones to provide real-time insights.


Wireless Connectivity
Teksun Agritech solution offers seamless wireless communication, supporting BLE, Wi-Fi, as well as LTE 4G and 5G technologies.


App & Web Portal
Facilitate your agricultural processes and gain valuable insights through user-friendly applications accessible from anywhere.


Data Insights
Comprehensive data analysis with our solution, offering interactive graphs & widgets that let you delve deeply into your data.


Scouting Reports
Revolutionize your farm with Teksun Agritech solution. Create, store, and research scouting data on a user-friendly interface.

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Use Case

Discover the versatility of the Teksun Agritech Solution, designed to support a wide range of use cases and applications. Uncover the operational and commercial advantages our solution can offer your business today.


Crop Monitoring


Precision Farming


Nutrient Management


Disaster Management


Supply Chain Optimization


Automated Irrigation Systems

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