Teksun Electronic Medical Record Solution

It is widely acknowledged that the profession of a doctor has become exceedingly demanding. Thus, Teksun introduces a specialized Electronic Medical Record Solution to assist our dedicated healthcare professionals most efficiently and seamlessly.

Teksun Electronic Medical Record Solution is a digital repository of a patient’s comprehensive medical history, which includes diagnoses, treatments, medications, test results, and other relevant information. EMRs are securely maintained within computer systems, allowing authorized healthcare providers to seamlessly access and coordinate data in critical situations, thereby enhancing patient safety. These records adhere to structured data formats for interoperability, adhere to stringent privacy regulations, and alleviate administrative workload. Additionally, they facilitate patient interaction via portals, provide data backup, and possess the scalability to meet the requirements of healthcare organizations, ultimately augmenting the efficiency and quality of care.
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Our solution aims to reduce monitoring stress. Below, you'll find essential features that comprehensively help you understand the Teksun Electronic Medical Record solution.


Patient Data Management
It stores complete medical histories such as diagnoses, treatments, medications, and test results. And integrates clinical notes and vaccination records for unified patient health data.


Secure Data Storage and Access
Our specified solution ensures secure storage of patient data on computer systems. And also Implement authorization and authentication mechanisms to control access to patient data.


Emergency Data Retrieval
Teksun Electronic Medical Record Solution is furnished to facilitate efficient amount data retrieval by authorized healthcare providers during the situation of emergencies.


Patient Engagement Portals
Our specified solution enables patient engagement through portals, allowing access to their own medical data as well as facilitating communication with healthcare providers.


Teksun Electronic Medical Record Solution enables electronic medication prescriptions, enhancing prescription management, thereby helping save time, effort and bestowing efficiency.


Appointment Management and Reminders
The Teksun Electronic Medical Record Solution is designed to manage appointments and send patients reminders about upcoming appointments efficiently.

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Patient Information Management


Clinical Documentation


Lab and Test Results


Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

To discover our solution’s performance and efficiency, we have provided a Demo Session that would give you an exact look at how our solution would operate.

To discover our solution’s performance and efficiency, we have provided a Demo Session that would give you an exact look at how our solution would operate.


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